5 Important Questions To Ask Before Using Self-Storage To Store Some Of Your Belongings

Are you considering storing some items in a self-storage unit because you need more space at home? Before you put one of these units to good use, ask a few questions to find the storage company that is right for you.

Is Access to the Storage Unit Available at Any Time?  

You need to know how often you can visit the storage space and access your unit. Some storage companies have set hours and will close at night, while others are available day and night. If you think you need to access your stuff at random times, go with a 24-hour option.

What Is the Smallest and Largest Unit Size Available for Rent?

The specific storage unit size you plan to rent depends on what you would like to store. Whether you have a few or tons of items, ask about the smallest and largest unit sizes to get a better understanding of what is available.

Are There Specific Measures Taken to Protect Stored Belongings?

Knowing you're storing your items in a secure space is a must. Ask about the specific measures taken to protect the belongings of those who use the self-storage units. For example, the units may be enclosed in a gated space that only people with the code or a key can access, preventing unauthorized individuals from entering the area where the storage units are situated. There may also be surveillance cameras and alarms that sound off when someone trespasses on the property. By asking this question in advance, you can discover how the storage company takes action to protect its clients and keep their belongings safe.

Is There a Time Limit for Storing Belongings?

Always find out if the storage company limits the length of time you can store your belongings in their units. Most storage unit companies don't care if you want to keep your items stored for months or years as long as you cover the cost of renting the unit. So, even if you plan to store belongings and keep them there for quite some time, you wouldn't need to stress over losing them.

Are Indoor and Outdoor Units Available?

Many storage companies offer both indoor and outdoor units. While some people don't mind being outside to gather their items or add more to their storage units, others prefer indoor units where they won't have to worry about dealing with the weather, such as rain, snow, or even strong winds.

With the answers to these questions, you can easily decide if you want to rent a storage unit from a specific company or not. It's best to choose an option that will work best for you!