Self-Storage Services

Personal items usually fill interior closets, storage sheds, garages, and any corner of a home. Some homes are overflowing with items that are useful but challenging to organize. Business owners with excess inventory may consider taking items to their homes. These items stored on floors or in walkways can make it challenging to navigate each area of the home safely, and family members may complain. Here are a few tips for finding secure storage units.

Valuable items or sentimental items can be safely held in secure storage units. Visit local self-storage services to see what type of options are available. The type of storage space needed depends on what is being stored. Items that do not need any temperature control can be placed in enclosed exterior units. These units are similar to small garages, with a door that rolls up and secures with a personal lock. Exterior units work well when security options at the entrance to the property are in place. Look for security gates that require an access code, card key, or some other security feature that keeps out the general public.

Interior secure storage units work well for items sensitive to temperatures. These could be items that need to maintain their integrity for resale, documents, or heirloom furniture. These spaces are often in multi-level buildings with elevator access. There may be an added security feature to enter the storage unit outside of business hours. Some self-storage facilities are attended by staff members during business hours.

Inquire about any helpful tools that the self-storage services offer. Examples include ergonomic dollies, complimentary moving truck, discounted boxes, and shipping supplies. Take advantage of any resources that help to save time while moving into the storage unit. Insurance is available for new tenants who do not have a current policy that will not cover their personal items. Homeowners' and rental insurance will cover personal items in storage. Valuable items or those without a policy can buy inexpensive insurance for added protection. Asking for any current specials may lead to receiving a free or discounted first month. Move-in specials are not always advertised online, but offers of this type can be the best discount for moving in.

Moving items sooner than later helps avoid wasting rental fees. Making spaces more functional by removing excess items can help with any safety and security issues. Use these tips to improve storage options with secure storage units.