Give The Car A Winter Home – Clear Out The Garage!

It's winter! You go to bed at night and everything is green and muddy – you wake up the next morning to a white wonderland coating everything, including your significant other's car. Now, she's out there trying to clear her car off to leave for work – all the while, your tractor, motorcycle and other man-stuff is tucked warmly in the garage. Need an idea of what you can do for your loved one this year? Clear out that garage and give her the gift of not having to dig her way to the car to go to work for the day. Here, you'll find some tips to help you clear out enough space in your garage so that her car can fit for the winter.

Lease a Self-Storage Unit

Odds are, there is at least one self-storage facility near your home. Look for a 24 hour storage location that is easy to access, has good security and where you can store your things without feeling concerned about anything happening to them. Most storage facilities are equipped with video monitoring systems, as well as a controlled access gate, so only those who rent units there will be able to access the grounds.

If there are delicate items, like electronics or real-wood furniture tucked in the garage, consider upgrading to a climate-controlled unit to ensure that nothing is ruined while being stored. Fluctuating temperatures and high moisture levels can be very damaging to these types of items, but the climate-controlled unit will protect them.

Send Her Away

Try to figure out some way to get your loved one to leave the house for a couple of days for you to get this project complete. Work with her friends or her boss, her parents or siblings – anyone who can come up with an idea to get her away without her getting suspicious.

As tempting as it will be to sit back and relax while she's gone – don't do it – you have just a little bit of time to clear your man-stuff out of the garage and help make sure she is enjoying winter.

Clear it Out

Now, you have a couple of buddies – get them to help you move the stuff that won't be needed anytime in the near future over to the storage unit. The things like the lawnmower, the motorcycle, the pile of parts that you've not gotten to in years – all of that stuff that's just been taking up space in the garage – get it out of there and move it to storage. This way, you get to keep all of your stuff and your loved one can take advantage of having a garage during the winter.