When The Storage Space In Your Home Fail: Options For Storing Your Things Offsite

You buy a home and you depend upon all of the little storage spaces to store your stuff at home. It makes you feel confident and content knowing that everything has its own little space. Yet, what happens when the storage spaces in your home fail you? Maybe your sewer line backs up into the basement, coating boxes and items with raw sewage. Maybe your house floods when the kitchen pipes burst. Maybe the roof starts leaking into the attic, and your stuff is all wet. Whatever and however your storage spaces fail, you have to find an alternative for storing your things (after cleaning them up, if applicable).


Pod storage is a fairly new concept. You pay a pod company to deliver the pod. Then you load up the pod with all of your stuff. The pod company can leave the pod on your property so that your stuff can remain close, or you can have the pod company pick up the pod and place it in their pod storage facility.

There are just three possible issues with pod storage. One, the cost is often much more than traditional stationary storage units. Two, if you opt to send the pod to the company's facility, you cannot access it without ordering it to be brought back to your property and paying for the delivery and pick-up charges every time. Three, if something happens to the company's facility (e.g., fire, excess flooding, etc.), then your stuff is lost. Pod companies do not cover personal property losses if something happens to their facility.

Indoor Facilites

Indoor facilities have high-tech security. Cameras are posted inside and outside of these facilities. The units, because they are inside, are environmentally controlled. You have to use a special key just to get inside the building. You may find all of these features very comforting because the units are entirely out of the elements. 

Outdoor Facilities

Outdoor storage units are the traditional units everyone sees and knows about. Rent is usually very reasonable, and some units may be temperature-controlled. You can roll up and open your unit to add items or take things out without ever having to make an appointment or worry about not being able to access your belongings. Outdoor facilities are so common that you should have no trouble finding an available unit close to where you live and near to your home.