Different Types Of Storage Containers You Can Rent

Life is one never-ending collection of stuff. The old "hunter-gatherer" instinct is really strong in humans. You just cannot give things up or put things down. After a few decades, you have more stuff than you know what to do with.

Now you have to look elsewhere for ways to store your lifetime collection. There are multiple storage solutions, of course, but one that has a few extra comforting benefits is the storage container or pod. Here are a few storage containers you can rent, and how this process works.

The Freight/Cargo Box

There are companies that buy up freight shipping and cargo containers. The containers are less pretty but more functional. If you are overwhelmed by your stuff, then just having the functional storage solution is a relief. You can rent the small, half-size freight/cargo boxes, or you can rent the full-size trailer box. The best part is that you can plunk these boxes on your property in the backyard and store your stuff as you need to. The companies that rent these do not provide storage space for consumers on their properties because they do not want the liability issues. 

The "Pod"

There are also several companies that have "storage pods." These are constructed in a similar fashion to freight/cargo boxes, except that they are not entirely metal, and their exteriors are dressed up with the companies' logos and colors. They are brought to you on skids, in case you want to keep them on your property.

If you do not want to keep your storage pods on your property, you can choose to send the units back to the company's warehouse, where the units are stashed in their assigned "holes" until you wish to retrieve something from them. You can request to have your stuff brought to you at any time, but most of these companies do not allow consumers to visit their warehouses to retrieve things from the storage pods.

The Multi-Unit Garage Box

It is difficult to name this type of storage since it provides a unique approach. What you get for your buck is a storage unit the size of a small garage. Inside the unit, the walls are lined with shelves and multiple pull-out drawers and tubs of varying sizes. If you do not have boxes or tubs of your own, this feature is extremely helpful in organizing everything you intend to store.

For more information on how to rent a storage container, contact your local rental service.