3 Reasons Why You Should Use A Car Storage Facility When Going On Vacation

Are you getting ready to go on a prolonged vacation? Will you be flying to your vacation location and leaving your vehicle at home? Going on vacation can be an exciting time for you and your family. However, it's not always a good idea to simply go off and leave your vehicle in your own driveway or garage while you're out of town. There are a number of reasons why you should consider putting your car into storage while you're gone, but some of the most important reasons include:

Prevent burglary: One of the ways that criminals determine whether or not a house is occupied or empty during vacation season is to drive by and check out the cars in the driveway. Even though you may have a friend or relative picking up any mail or newspapers that get delivered to your house, a car that stays in the same place for days on end is a sign that there is likely nobody at home. If you've put your car into car storage, however, potential burglars aren't going to know whether you're away for a few days or if you've just stepped out for a few minutes for a run to the corner store.

Prevent car theft: Parking your car in your garage is no guarantee that your car will be safe while on vacation. Because there are a limited number of possible frequencies for a garage door opener, it's not uncommon for would-be thieves to gather up several different makes and models of garage door remotes and drive through different neighborhoods to see if any garage doors open. If anyone uses this trick while you're on vacation, it could be days or weeks before you even know that your car is missing from your garage. By that time, your car may already have been resold or chopped up for parts. Using a car storage lot will keep your vehicle safe and prevent anyone from stealing it while you're away.

Prevent vandalism: Even if nobody steals your vehicle, vandalism is another major reason why you should consider using a car storage facility. Having your car parked in your driveway or carport for an extended period of time, even if you have a cover on your car, can be seen as an invitation for vandals to smash your windows, steal your radio, and commit other forms of mischief against your vehicle. Since you won't know exactly when it happened, there will be little to no chance of catching the culprits. In a car storage facility, your vehicle would be protected against random acts of vandalism.

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