Three Of The Best Tips For Keeping Dust Out Of Your Storage Unit

If you own a storage unit, what you may or may not know is that dust is notorious for causing damages to the belongings inside, which is why you should take extra precautions to keep the dust out of this space. Here are the three best tips for doing this:

  1. Use Plastic Boxes: Anything that can fit into a plastic box should be stored in one rather than storing your items in cardboard boxes. This is going to keep the dust out much better because it seals it rather than having cracks that can let dust in. This also makes it easier to clean the space because you can simply wipe down the plastic boxes with wet wipes whereas you wouldn't be able to do this with cardboard. You should also consider using dust covers for things, such as mattresses and other large items. Draping sheets over large furniture can allow you to simply shake the blanket outside of the unit to remove the dust more quickly. 
  2. ​Keep Cleaning Supplies in the Unit: ​To ensure that you are able to remove the dust in the storage unit every time, you will want to keep cleaning supplies inside. Just be sure that they are sealed so no accidental spills could ruin anything. You might even consider leaving a small vacuum inside that you can use whenever there is a large accumulation of dust that you can simply vacuum up. 
  3. Keep the Unit Organized: Finally, eliminating the storage unit of clutter is one of the best ways to prevent excessive dust build up. This is because you will more clearly be able to see all space that could be covered with dust and effectively clean it. Plus, you can get around the unit better, which makes cleaning easier, as well. Besides, having a cluttered unit can often lead to the unwillingness to even dust at all because it might seem impossible at this point. 

Keeping your storage unit free of dust is not only important for the safety of preventing damages to your belongings, but it's also important for your own health. Dust accumulation that spreads when you move things around in the future and take things out of storage can be hazardous for your health. Get the most out of your storage unit by keeping it clean and tidy and usable for you for many years to come while also ensuring that no matter what, your belongings are protected. Contact a facility, like Stadium Storage, for more help.