Four Alternative Uses For Gable A-Frame Horizontal Carports

Gable A-frame horizontal carports are quick and easy to set up. The supply list is short, and they do not require a contractor to assemble. Most of these types of carports are sold in kits, which is even better. If you do not need a carport, there are several other alternative uses for these carports, all of which you may find quite useful and interesting.


A-frame carports are the perfect open or closed greenhouse. You can leave them with their sides and ends open to allow natural pollination and watering to get to the plants, or you can close them up with plexiglass panels to create the perfect "hot box" to grow more tropical plants. Given the dimensions on some of these carport kits, you could have quite the greenhouse in your yard.


All the A-frame carports come with a roof. This allows you to use them as outdoor workshops, if you wanted to. Your electrical equipment is protected against rain, while you are protected against the burning rays of the sun. The carports that come with an attached garage-like structure can double as indoor/outdoor work spaces and places to store supplies and tools.


People outgrow their homes. That is just a fact. You marry, have kids, buy a house, cram it with stuff, decide you cannot get rid of the stuff, and then freak out because you have no place to put all of the stuff. You think about buying a newer, bigger house to store your stuff, but that really is not very realistic. Self-storage is the only decent answer, and carports are perfect for that. If you buy a carport kit that includes full sides and two solid end walls with doors, you will have all of the storage room you absolutely need.

Stable and Carriage House

If you only keep one or two horses on your property for the purpose of transportation, you can construct stalls for the horses within a carport. It is strong enough to double as a stable, and there is enough room in a larger gabled, A-frame, horizontal carport to store a carriage, buggy or sulky. Just make sure that most of the stalls for the horses are made of wood and not metal panels so that the horses do not accidentally cut themselves on screws, nails, or metal panels. Additionally, make sure you have a way of securing the horses once you take them out of their stalls in the carport, or they will run off on you.

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