Three Ways A Self Storage Unit Can Benefit Your Small Business

If you are running a small, growing business, you know that there seems to be a constant need for space. You not only need space for your inventory, but you may also need space for your files, records, and other documents you are required to hold onto for an extended period of time. Before you run out and invest in additional commercial space, you may want to consider some of the benefits you will be able to get from renting a self storage unit with one of your local providers. 

Renting A Self Storage Unit Saves You Money

Commercial space is expensive, and unfortunately, it usually does not matter what the space is being used for. You will pay the same thing for the visible space that you are using to meet clients in as you will for the back room space you are using for storage. While the cost of your space will vary based on the city you live in, as well as where the space is located at, the average cost of office space in 2013 was approximately $23.23 per square foot.

At this price, a small 20x20 commercial space can run you approximately $9,292 per month. When you compare this to the average cost of a 20x20 self storage unit, which is approximately $225 per month, you would be saving over $9,000 per month. You could rent a commercial space as a location to conduct your business, but rent a self storage unit as a location to store your inventory or excess materials and come out way ahead. 

Renting A Self Storage Unit Can Save You Money By Allowing You To Purchase In Bulk

Have you ever had to pass on a really good deal only because you did not have storage space? This may have been on office supplies, equipment, or even products you are reselling. There is often a price reduction, or price break, on items when they are purchased in bulk. When you rent a storage unit, you will be able to take advantage of these price breaks because you will be able to store your excess while you are waiting to use it. This savings in turn can contribute to your bottom line. 

Renting A Self Storage Unit Allows You To Expand Temporarily

If your business is seasonal in nature, there may be times during the year that you stand in need for quite a bit of extra space that you will only need for a limited amount of time. When you lease a self storage unit, you are able to find facilities that will work with you. Some may offer you a month-to-month lease, a three-month lease, or a six-month lease.

Self storage rentals are unlike commercial spaces that will want you to commit to a minimum of three years. This means that you will be committed to the space whether you need it or not and will be liable for paying the rent even if you are no longer in business. 

Depending on the market, your location, or your type of business, you may be able to find and negotiate shorter term commercial leases. Some realtors may even offer pop-up retail spaces that you may be able to rent by the day, month, or even by the year in an effort to get someone into the space. These spaces will vary by market and may not be available from one season to the next.

Just remember, when you are asking for a short term lease, both you and the realtor have the ability to change the terms of your agreement anytime the lease is ending. This means that if you are renting month to month, and the landlord finds a long term tenant, they may give you notice that you have to vacate. You don't have to worry about this with a storage unit. 

These are just a few of the benefits you can find when renting a self storage space. There are many more. As a business owner, this is definitely an option you will want to explore when you find yourself with a need for space. For more information, contact a local storage company like Sentry Mini-Storage Inc